Awassos means “black bear” in Abenaki, the language of the First Nation tribe of the Saint Lawrence Valley and Appalachian regions of North America. Despite their size, black bears are remarkably agile. Like black bears, our skidders are robust, but their lightness and their litheness allow them to move freely through tough terrain.

Awassos in brief

Since its founding in 2005 under the name Débusqueuses Awassos (Awassos skidders), the mission of Awassos Inc. has been to design, manufacture and distribute low-impact skidders. Over time, our skidder has been used as a basis to create other products under the same performance spirit: low-impact forestry work. Added products include a 350hp track carrier with a better power-to-weight ratio and a compact 35hp track skidder.


Compact, but powerful!

Our compact model with a 35hp diesel engine is an optimized and modernized version of its predecessors, the Forcat 2000 (gas engine, 25hp) and the Oxtrac (diesel, 35hp).


Powerful and low impact!

Developed to meet the needs of those seeking a skidder comparable in size to the JD440-B, the MD80 offers a modern design, a superior capacity, and much more. With a reversible work station, a hydrostatic transmission, and a rugged cast iron chassis, it’s the ideal machine for the big jobs without sacrificing the low-impact benefits to the forest environment.


Versatile and agile!

Originally, the MT70 was manufactured to meet the very specific needs of a client. Due to its unconventional amenities, including a spacious cockpit and dual work modes that allow it to be configured to handle multiple and variable tasks, it quickly gained interest with those looking for versatility.


Economical and powerful!

The idea behind the VD170 was to position it on the market between the skid-steer loaders, which are often not powerful enough, but mostly not designed for forestry work, and the heavy machinery of 250hp or more. We also envisioned it as a low-cost-to-operations option over heavy pneumatic machinery while maintaining the robustness of a skidder and the visibility of a track carrier.


Legendary weight-to-power ratio

The VD350 track carrier (originally the V350 Versatrac) offers the best weight-to-power ratio on the market with an enviable reputation for reliability that the competition dreams of.