Brothers Simon and Benjamin-Pierre Denis found Débusqueuses Awassos (Awassos Skidders) with the goal of manufacturing compact skidders that, while low impact and easier on the forest environment, would not sacrifice power to do the job.


With the realization that the market lacked forestry machinery that was also low-impact on the soil and accommodating for variable tasks, the Denis brothers rethink their product to render it more versatile and to include modular chassis systems. The first skidders are built entirely by Awassos.


Design work continues with the addition of hydrostatic transmissions and grapples.


The creation of a reversible cab. This cab ensures more accurate control of forestry operations.


A special order gives birth to a new model: the MT70. This carrier includes a rotating cab that offers easy access to the components (tilting cab).


Débusqueuses Awassos, Machines Forestières Fethos and Oxtrac merge to become Awassos Inc. The merger allows Awassos Inc. to consolidate a line of products, always with the lowest impact to the soil in mind, no matter the task at hand.


The manufacture of the first VD170, a skidder dedicated to low-impact on the soil with a 170hp motor.